February 16, 2021

11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cosmetology School

Congratulations! You’re embarking on your future in a great new career of creative expression and helping people be their best selves. Getting started in a top cosmetology school and barber school is a very exciting time. You’re ready to absorb all the learning you can, build skills, graduate, and become a top-quality cosmetologist.

Here are some tips to help you make the very most of your learning opportunities and your overall experience at an accredited cosmetology school:

Be Punctual

It may seem like being just a few minutes late is not a big deal. But, minutes missed add up over the course of your studies to amount to a lot of missed education. Habitual tardiness also makes a questionable impression on your course instructors, classmates, and certainly on employers and customers when you’re working as a cosmetologist. So, plan your clothes the night before, and set your alarm a little early, and show everyone you care, by consistently being on time.

Stay Organized

Between classes, practicing in the salon, studying for exams, events, responsibilities at home, and possibly working a job, being an adult student can be a lot to manage. Staying organized can make the difference between average and great performance. Use your phone calendar to add important tasks and events, or buy a paper scheduler, if you prefer. Check your schedule every day, and prepare for upcoming activities. Schedule in some down-time for recharging yourself. Also, organize your kit in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Be Prepared for Each Class Period

If you work while attending school, speak to your employer and school administrators, to help prevent schedule conflicts. If you commute to work and/or school or use public transportation, plan the most efficient route, and allow for traffic. Make sure you have your kit and that it’s well organized. Plan your budget to ensure you have the cash on hand for incidentals you may need during the day or en route. Keep up with all studying you’re instructed to do for upcoming class sessions.

Pay Careful Attention to Instructors

Cosmetology coursework is challenging. It can be easy to drift. It can also be easy to rationalize that beyond learning the basics, nothing else really matters very much. That thinking will undermine your success in your program. Your instructors are cosmetology experts. So, receiving their teaching is your biggest opportunity to become an expert too. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know all you need to know about any topic in your courses. The sessions are packed with useful methods and tricks that will make you better in your career with each one you learn in school.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Great cosmetologists learned all they could, practiced diligently, and built their skills. You too will find that the more you practice in the school salon, the more you’ll find yourself learning and the easier learning the next new tasks will become. As you gain confidence and agility in the art of cosmetological work, you’ll be more relaxed and new challenges will feel natural and fun to take on. So, put in as much time as you can in the student practice salon. You’ll be very glad you did when you’re taking the licensing test, and when you’re introducing yourself during the first days and weeks in your new role at a great salon.

Embrace the Reality That You Will Make Mistakes

Even the world’s greatest cosmetologists make mistakes. So, as a student, you’re sure to make your own mistakes too. In order to develop new skills and learn from your experience, you have to expect to make a few mistakes. Every person at the top of their industry has their stories about mistakes they learned from along the way. Mistakes are growth opportunities. Nobody is expecting perfection from students. So, don’t let the fear of mistakes intimidate you from trying new things. Further, embrace offers of constructive criticism as important learning opportunities.

Get as Much Practice in the Student Salon and Extra-Curricular Learning as Possible

Seize all extra learning opportunities you can, whether they’re from practicing hair design, cuts, coloring, or other techniques, or attending guest lectures on off-hours. The more you immerse yourself in the creative and technical processes of the industry, the more confident you will be in taking on new varieties of challenges as they present themselves in classes, in the practice salon, in the licensing test, and in your new role at a professional salon after graduation.

Ask for Advice from Students Who Are Nearing Graduation

Be aware of the more experienced students who are approaching graduation. Observe the higher quality of cuts, colorings, styling, and customer service they deliver. Feel free to ask them questions and take notes on any tips and advice they share. They will probably feel honored to be asked for their advice and opinions. It’s a useful way to get important perspectives from people who have just been where you’re going, and it’s a sound way to begin building your own professional network of future contacts.

Treat Everyone with Respect

It can be too easy to let negative emotions, moods, and attitudes affect others around you, especially if you’re feeling stressed some days. Keep in mind that you’re training for the cosmetology profession, a career in which a good attitude is the difference between success and failure. Now is the time to learn the power of using the school and later your workplace to escape from personal problems. If you treat everyone at school with kindness and respect, you will avoid developing new interpersonal issues at school and make school a place you can enjoy being.

Have Fun with It!

Cosmetology school is a pretty intense place. There’s a lot going on around you, so many moving parts. It’s a unique experience, and you won’t find anything else that compares with it in the future. So, remember to have fun with it. Enjoy learning your new career skills and making new acquaintances. Take time regularly to relax and decompress. Soon enough, you’ll be a licensed cosmetologist out in the world building your new career! Enjoy the journey!

Why Choose American Beauty Utah?

By contrast with other cosmetology schools in Utah, being a small school enables us to work one-on-one with our students and get to know everyone and the teaching approaches that fit their personal learning styles. Flexible scheduling, after the freshman level, helps students fit their studies into their lifestyles. Plus, our school offers a friendly and inspiring learning environment for our students. Our faculty members are all deeply committed to helping you make the most of your opportunity to succeed with your coursework.

Starting Your Exciting Journey in Cosmetology School!

So, it’s not surprising that our student licensing test pass rate with the Utah state board is 100% and that many of our students already have jobs waiting upon graduation. You’re attending the best of beauty schools in Salt Lake City Utah, and in the state, and the broader region.
We know that you will find the people, the atmosphere, and your course materials motivating, and everyone around you eager to help you make the very most of your experience at American Beauty Academy.

For information about the premier certified beauty school in Utah, contact American Beauty Academy at (801) 919-8175, or fill out our online request for help.

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