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January 8, 2018

How To Go To Beauty School

American Beauty Academy, Student Life, Why American Beauty Academy

Have you dreamed of becoming a cosmetologist since you were young, but haven’t been able to fit school into your busy life? Some people are able to begin school as soon as they graduate from High School, some people take their time and decide to go after they have started a family, and some people work full time or part-time jobs.

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Student Life: Learning Can Be Fun

Why American Beauty Academy

We always want to have fun and engaging classes for our students. Recently we challenged them to a ‘I can do that blindfolded’ up do contest.

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Why Go To Beauty School At American Beauty Academy

American Beauty Academy

Our students feel cared for and appreciated, they become driven to succeed in their schooling and they cheer each other on. Some schools have such large class sizes that the students often feel like they are “just a number.”

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