Have you been thinking about going to barber school in Salt Lake City, Utah? Barbering is a skill that requires a steady hand, confidence, and solid training. In fact, you may be surprised to know that you'll learn much more than how to use a straight-edge razor to create a perfect fade and a smooth old-fashioned shave. Here are just some skills you'll learn in barber school.

1. Anatomy of Scalp and Hair

You probably know that it's essential to maintain a healthy scalp if you want healthy hair. The thing is, when it comes to barbering, your knowledge needs to go deeper so that you can make recommendations for your clients. That's why anatomy is one of the essential skills you'll learn in barber school.

The scalp looks much like the skin on the rest of your body. However, below the surface of the scalp's skin, there are follicles where each strand of hair grows. Once you've completed your studies in barber school, you'll have the in-depth information you need to help your clients achieve a healthy scalp and hair.

2. The Art of the Shave 

There are hundreds of styles of razors to choose from these days, but there is still nothing that rivals a straight razor and traditional shave foam. If you're thinking about barber school, then you're probably excited to learn the art of the shave. While it takes practice to gain the skill you need to build your confidence, you'll also learn the parts of the device, some of its history, and how to pick the best blade.

3. Facial Hair Grooming

Barber at work - American Beauty Academy Utah

When it comes to facial hair, beards are trending today. Not only that, but clients are looking to change the color of their facial hair, smooth it out, get it shaped, and more. That's why you'll also learn the ins and outs of dying, cutting, trimming, shaping, and relaxing facial hair.

4. Haircutting and Styling 

Of course, haircutting is an essential lesson to learn in barber school. And it won't only be a traditional buzz cut. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you'll gain skills in not only the conventional barber cut and trim, but you'll also learn more about how to cut and trim men's hair, the taper and fade, and how to style a pompadour.

5. Business Skills 

Being trained as a highly-skilled barber is only part of the picture. You'll also learn how to give excellent customer service, build your clientele, and shop management.

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