March 25, 2021

5 Things Top Cosmetology Schools Have In Common

The best accredited cosmetology schools tend to have certain characteristics in common. Below is a list of some of the key qualities to look for in a top beauty school, to help you choose the best cosmetology program in your area. Being prepared with this information can help make it much easier to identify the schools in your area that offer the highest levels of quality of cosmetology training and student support in their educational environments. 

Here are five qualities you can expect to find in the best cosmetology schools:

Students Learn By Experience

Top-quality cosmetology schools operate the way all schools in the industry should operate, in order to ensure maximum knowledge retention and enjoyment of learning. The best beauty schools provide an abundance of immersive experiences for students in a guided real-world salon business environment.

Each student spends sufficient classroom time, developing a foundation of basic knowledge about the cosmetology profession. But, the richest aspect of the educational experience in a top beauty school is in actually working on hairstyling, or practicing makeup artistry, or practicing with nails.

The best beauty school in your area has the best teachers. They go above and beyond the curricula, to share with students a deeper understanding of the industry and what it’s like for the professionals working in it. The best teachers help students by offering insights that only highly experienced industry experts can provide.

Top Schools Feature Flexible Learning Schedules

In an excellent cosmetology school, every student is helped to make his or her educational program fit smoothly with all the rest of life’s demands on her/his time. Beauty school teachers and counselors are well aware that many students have inflexible work schedules and/or other responsibilities that they must work around while in beauty school. The best schools help students find good solutions to scheduling issues, through flexible school work schedules.

The Curriculum Prepares Graduates for Licensure

One clear indicator of the caliber of a cosmetology school is how well its program aligns with state requirements for licensure. Though some facets of cosmetology are not regulated in all states, other parts of the services performed in the industry are heavily regulated. So, you’ll need to gather some information.

Find out the policies of a top beauty school you are interested in attending, regarding preparedness for the state licensing exam at the time of graduation. Make sure you are clear on those. You’ll also need to clearly understand the state’s actual licensing requirements. In Utah, for example, only enroll at a school with a program that fully prepares you to meet the Utah state cosmetology licensing requirements.

The Best Schools Provide Abundant Career Counseling

The ultimate benchmark for success as a student in cosmetology school is graduating, obtaining your professional license, and moving into a beauty career. Schools should have strong relationships throughout the local cosmetology employment market. Further, a school’s reputation for developing well-skilled professionals should help graduates be viewed as strong candidates for cosmetology jobs.

The best beauty schools not only offer great cosmetology classes and teachers but also provide an abundance of support and guidance for every student throughout their educational program. Additionally, they strive to help initiate career opportunities for each student.

Ask all the questions you have at each meeting with your beauty school student advisors. For example, ask about graduation rates, current starting salaries in the local market. Even ask about the future outlook for the profession in the city, state, region, and nation.

At a top cosmetology school, student advisors are well prepared for these discussions. They will communicate openly with you about your best opportunities and your skills development, and they will provide all the guidance you need to become an exceptional stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, or other professional in the cosmetology industry.

Top Beauty Schools Provide Thorough Financial Aid Guidance

A common characteristic of the best cosmetology schools is the array of financial aid opportunities they help students evaluate and apply to obtain. Top schools will even help you figure out the best ways to manage your financial needs while you are completing your education.

Financial aid counselors at the best schools will help you throughout the processes of applying for Federal student aid and/or scholarships. They will also help you find the best approach to mixing your payment alternatives, if you wish to use multiple financial aid options available to you.

Finding the Best Cosmetology School in Your Area

One of the appealing things about choosing an education in cosmetology is that students can finish school in less time than it takes to complete a 4-year degree, so you can start working in your career field much sooner. You’ve already picked the smartest approach to getting started, by learning how to recognize common traits of the best cosmetology schools for your career training.

To learn more about what you should know as you’re considering beauty schools, see resources for information on how to become a cosmetologist. To gather information to help you find the best cosmetology school in your area, if you’re not familiar with schools, you can start by searching, “cosmetology school near me,” and “beauty school near me.”

A top accredited cosmetology school offers a wealth of information for people interested in applying to enter its academic program. Typical resources a top school offers include brochures, a cosmetology course catalog, and other helpful items you can download from the school’s website. The school also provides free consultations with student advisors, and campus tours packed with important information you’ll want to know before you apply for enrollment.

American Beauty Academy, Salt Lake City, Utah

We are an accredited cosmetology school with two campuses in Utah. The Academy offers an exceptional comprehensive beauty school training curriculum. Our graduates’ pass rate at the State Board has been 100%. The school’s broad network of strong industry relationships throughout the region has helped many of our students start their cosmetology careers with job offers even before graduation.

If you would like a tour of one of our campuses, call American Beauty Academy, Salt Lake City UT at (801) 406-7386, or to visit our Salt Lake City or Payson UT campus call (801) 406-7386, or use our online information request.

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