April 20, 2021

6 Hot Careers You’re Qualified for as a Licensed Cosmetologist

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Getting an education in your desired career field qualifies you for exciting jobs and puts you in an environment where those opportunities can be expected to present themselves. There is a great abundance of fascinating cosmetology jobs available to a graduate of a top beauty school and even more beauty industry jobs in fashion and entertainment centers like LA, Manhattan, Miami, etc.

Here are just a few of today’s hot career opportunities for talented licensed cosmetologists:

Upscale Salon Stylist

For a trained cosmetologist who enjoys working in a social environment and helping people look their best, working in a high-quality salon offers a steady flow of prospective professional connections. Every day, you meet new people and have a chance to help bring out the best in their appearance and self-image.

Celebrities and other people in any of a million professional fields all need to have their hair styled. In cities famous for their competitiveness in the beauty field, talented students who are still in cosmetology school can begin networking for a head start cultivating career opportunities.

Industry Makeup Artist

In the modeling, live theater, motion picture, and television industries, skilled cosmetologists in makeup application are all constantly in high demand. In the fashion and entertainment industries, makeup artists make upwards of $90,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Other good jobs include makeup work for professional photographers who provide wedding photos, glamour, portraiture, commercial print, and TV advertising, and other image types require talented makeup artists.

In a city like LA, where a large industry supports a whole population of makeup artists, the high-paying job opportunities for cosmetologists are virtually limitless. For the most creative makeup artists, even the field of special effects makeup offers innumerable exotic and exhilarating career opportunities.

Private Celebrity Stylist

Many, if not most of the celebrities you see with the fabulous makeup and hair during all their interviews, red carpet events, parties, and countless other public appearances work with their personal stylists. They need to look their very best, so they trust their hair and makeup to professionals.

Cosmetologists who build their reputations as celebrity stylists start by establishing themselves in a city like LA, NYC, or Miami in a high-end salon. There, you have ideally positioned yourself as a cosmetologist and can freely build a rapport with a person you’d like to work with.

Salon Manager

Becoming a beauty salon manager or owner is among the most personally rewarding of all cosmetology careers. For cosmetologists with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to develop essential salon management skills, operating a salon offers an exciting career life. It features a continual stream of new opportunities to utilize all your beauty training and business acumen, to help customers find their ideal styles, and to provide employment for other talented professionals in great cosmetology jobs paying over $25 per hour, according to the BLS.

Beauty Market Influencer

A whole industry has risen up around social media influencers in the beauty market. Everywhere across social platforms, people who make it their business to be aware of the entire gamut of hair products, makeup lines, and other beauty products, and to inform the public about their opinions on these.

Their sphere of recommendations extends to other grooming products and nutritional supplements, foods that promote skin, hair, nail health, and any other products in their purview. One study estimates that social influencer marketing will grow to a volume of 15 billion dollars by 2022. Beauty care is a very strong segment of that massive market.

Beauty product influencers must be familiar with all the newest products and recent trends. Many companies now use the services of market influencers to review their products and share their opinions with the public to help build anticipation before their products are released onto the market. So, students with strong social media skills who enjoy trying out new beauty care products, preparing for a career as a beauty products market influencer may be ideal for you!

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Cosmetology School Instructor

Teaching the upcoming generation of cosmetologists is a challenging and deeply personally rewarding endeavor. Beauty school students have worked hard to complete their secondary education and qualify for acceptance into a top cosmetology school. Then, they eagerly strive to perform well in their professional training to earn an amazing future career in their chosen field. If you enjoy teaching and helping people, and have a passion for the beauty field, a career as a cosmetology instructor may be right for you. If you could be a good teacher, and if it sounds like an exciting option for you, ask about skill-building for cosmetology instructors.

Choosing the Best Beauty College in Utah

Apply for admission to a top beauty academy in Utah, and begin your journey to a career in cosmetology. When you contact the admissions office, ask for information about enrolling, and schedule a tour of the campus nearest to you to gather all the information you need about the school and curriculum.

Choose a beauty college that offers a full-scope cosmetology skills development program, vs. just partial training for a single industry skill. Enrolling in a complete cosmetology training program, including hair coloring and styling, nail care, salon management, and much more, prepares you with all the important skills needed to become a well-rounded professional in the beauty field.

What Makes American Beauty Academy a Top School?

We are an accredited cosmetology school in Utah, with campuses in Salt Lake City and Payson. As a small school, we’re able to get to know all our students’ learning needs. Students gain more one-on-one instruction and more hands-on experience working with clients in our professional-quality student salon. The atmosphere at the academy is friendly and supportive, and because of our outstanding industry reputation, our graduates are highly sought as new stylists.

  • Flexible Schedule — After completing the freshman class, students benefit from flexible school schedules that fit smoothly into their lives.
  • High-Quality Student Kits We only choose high-quality cosmetology tool kits that students can use long into their professional careers.
  • Pass Rate at the State Board Our State Board pass rate has been 100%. As a result of the academy’s outstanding industry reputation, many of our students are offered jobs before graduation.

Cosmetology Jobs Salt Lake City

Many of our students get offered jobs before graduating!

Beauty College in Payson and Salt Lake City, Utah

Apply for admission to American Beauty Academy, and begin your journey to a career in cosmetology. When you contact the Admissions Office for information about enrollment, ask for a tour of the campus nearest to you, so you can gather all the information you need about the school and curriculum. We offer a full-scope cosmetology skills training program vs. a partial education to learn just a single industry skill.

Contact American Beauty Academy, Salt Lake City & Payson, UT, at (801) 919-8175 for enrollment information, or browse through our Course Catalogue for a lot of helpful information about our programs.


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