July 26, 2021

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

The summer months can be especially rough on your hair. Being outdoors in direct sunlight and high temperatures expose hair to excessive heat, water, dust, dirt, or oils. All together, these can be damaging even to the healthiest hair. Here are some easy summer hair care tips from the cosmetology experts at American Beauty Academy.

7 Tips For Minimizing Damage to Your Hair This Summer

Here are some proven simple tips for hair care in summer to help reduce damage and keep your hair beautiful even during the hottest months of the year. Try one or several or all of these tips, as needed, to determine which work best for your hair type and your amount of outdoor summer exposure to damaging elements during these hot weather months:

Use UV Protection for Your Hair

The most effective way to protect your hair from the sun is to block its damaging UV rays. Wear a loose, breathable hat or scarf over your hair while you’re in direct sunlight for long periods. Or, try sunscreen designed for hair.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Your hair health can be at risk during the summer months from outdoor dirt, sweat, and other seasonal issues. Using hair styling gels and hair spray can further contribute to drying out your hair. Use a gentle moisturizing conditioner to help offset some of the effects of exposure to hair-damaging summer elements.

Apply a Little Grooming Cream

As part of your summer hair care routine, after you shampoo and condition your hair, apply a little light hair grooming cream or oil. Use a comb to spread the grooming product through all your hair to cover it evenly.

Avoid Blow Drying with High Heat

Let your hair air dry as often as possible. High heat and repeated friction due to the blow dryer can lead to split ends and other hair damages.

Avoid Alcohol in Hair Styling Products

Limit your use of hair styling products that are high in alcohol content. These products can dry your hair excessively. When used in conditions of high heat exposure, they can be even more damaging.

Have Your Hair Trimmed as Needed

Have your hair trimmed routinely to minimize the occurrence of split ends. This will help keep those ends under control and your hair looking soft and beautiful.

Use Occasional Deeper Conditioning

Using a deep conditioner from time to time can help keep your hair healthier in hot weather. You can use the heat to promote the moisturizing effect. First, wash your hair, then wear a salon-recommended hair conditioning mask while you’re outdoors in the sun. Rinse out the conditioning product afterward.

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