June 8, 2021

Continuing Education Requirements for Cosmetology License in Utah

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The beauty field is driven by change. For cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers, and manicurists, continuing education (CE) can make a significant difference in your opportunities and the trajectory of your career. The industry’s growth and your professional growth within it both depend upon advancements in technical knowledge to meet shifting consumer demands. Here is some information to help you continue to be a relevant talent in the Utah cosmetology market by staying updated in your professional knowledge and building on your existing skills.

Requirements for Utah Cosmetology License Renewal

In Utah, you are required to renew your cosmetology license every 2 years. Although in some states CE courses are mandatory for cosmetology license renewal, continuing education is not a requirement for renewing your cosmetology license in the state of Utah. However, maintaining current cosmetology training is important for professionals who want to:

  • Keep your skills relevant to your local market subsector of the beauty services industry.
  • Enable you to grow your client base within your market area.
  • Increase the value of your services so that you can increase your rates and income. 

Utah’s Continuing Education Providers in Cosmetology

There are various useful forms and sources of continuing education in cosmetology:

Whether you acquire formal CE training hours or industry apprentice hours to update your skills and further develop your talent, you’re making a wise investment in your future.

Continuing Education Course Options

You can select only the CE courses that you want to use to build on your skills and develop your talent in your chosen area of cosmetology:

  • Hair Stylists — Take courses in the latest new styling, coloring, and updos. 
  • Manicurists and Pedicurists — Learn to use the newest nail care tools for high-demand styles. 
  • Skincare specialists — May focus your CE on working with various skin types or advanced tools.
  • Business Management — Improve customer service skills or learn salon management skills.

Benefits of Continuing Education in Cosmetology

Although the state of Utah does not make continuing education mandatory, employers may require it. Meeting the CE requirements for obtaining the top jobs in your field is an incomparable benefit of continuing to build on existing skills and build new ones for any professional in any industry. Here are some important benefits from  continuing your education throughout your cosmetology career:

  • With an expanded skill set, new career options become open to you. 
  • EC exposes you to different areas of cosmetology services that you can offer your clients. 
  • Continuing education keeps you current with the rapid changes in the cosmetology field. 
  • Developing your talent inspires your clients to become increasingly loyal to you.
  • CE salon business management courses can prepare you for advancement to salon management.
  • Being highly educated in your field gives you the flexibility to shape any career you want in it. 

American Beauty Academy Continuing Education, Salt Lake City Utah

We are an accredited cosmetology school, offering cosmetology and/or barber courses at our campuses in Salt Lake City and Payson Utah. The academy is a top training institution for the full-scope development of advanced cosmetology skills and techniques. 

For information about our courses or to schedule a campus tour, call American Beauty Academy, or use our online information request anytime. 

Additional Information Resources

Cosmetology Associations: For additional information on CE resources, see a nationwide list of professional cosmetology associations and their contact information on the BLS page at this link.
Utah Cosmetology Licensing Information:To check licensing status, you can search ”cosmetology license lookup,” or for more details about obtaining a cosmetology license in the state of Utah, you can search “cosmetology license utah.” Or, contact the state board directly for guidance to find more information you want.

Utah State Board of Continuing Education
Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing 
Board of Cosmetology
160 East, 300 South Salt Lake City, UT 841141
Email: doplweb@utah.gov
Call: 801-530-6628
Fax: 801-530-6511

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