Those aspiring to join cosmetology and hair schools need to find a school that will help them achieve their dreams. As a cosmetology lover, there is something different you want to gain from the beauty school. American Beauty Academy offers something unique that will help you be the best in the industry.

What We Offer at the American Beauty Academy

Our campuses provide education and training that can lead to various career possibilities that include spa and beauty fields. Our training produces beauticians, hairdressers, aestheticians, nail technicians, and professional cosmetologists. Our curriculum offers comprehensive cosmetology program where you become a licensed professional to do hair, nails, makeup, and more. Apart from training, we also provide salon services to our customers. The services apply to both men and women of any age.

Come visit American Beauty Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah, or in Payson, Utah and see the difference that makes our Utah beauty college truly unique.

Hair School Curriculum Snapshot (1000 Hours)

  • Properties of the Hair and Scalp
  • Implements, Tools and Equipment for Cosmetology and Barbering
  • Hairstyling, Including Wet and Thermal
  • Hair Coloring
  • Permanent Waving 
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing and Thermal Straightening
  • Draping, Shampooing, Rinsing and Conditioning
  • Haircutting, Including Men and Women
  • Scissor Cutting for Men
  • Razor Cutting for Men
  • Shaving
  • Mustache and Beard Design
  • Clipper Variations
  • Wigs and Artificial Hair, Including Hair Extensions
  • Elective Topics
  • and more

Download our course catalog for full details on the curriculum.

Student School Tools List

Our Hair Kits have quality tools to last far into a student's professional career. The following is a list of tools* in the American Beauty Academy student kit.

*Items subject to change or substitution

  • Miladys Mindtap
  • Case
  • G2 styling iron
  • Rocket dryer
  • Male mannequin
  • Female mannequin
  • Small nylon bristle brush
  • Med nylon bristle brush
  • Large nylon bristle brush
  • XL nylon bristle brush
  • 9-row styling brush
  • Backcomb brush
  • Small paddle brush
  • Large paddle brush
  • Large cutting comb
  • Cutting comb
  • Dual taper cutting comb
  • Fine tooth cutting comb
  • Wide tooth cutting comb
  • Xlong cutting comb
  • Large tooth rake comb
  • Medium-tooth tail comb

  • Water mister
  • Mirror
  • Andis Ultra Blade 1.5
  • Andis Ultra Blade 2
  • Andis Ultra Blade 3.5
  • Collar Clips (2)
  • Andis Excel 2-speed Clipper
  • Dorco Prime 100-pk
  • Cape
  • Andis Masters
  • Andis t-outliner
  • Neck Duster
  • Derby Blades
  • Andis Magnetic Guards
  • Magic Straight Razor
  • Double Edge Razor
  • Monsr Charles Razor with Blades
  • Clipper Combs (3)
  • Clippercare
  • Hair pick
  • Styptic
  • Shear Kit

Why Hairdressing Program?

We help turn your passion for beauty into a profession at our campuses. The accredited hair schools offer certified hairstylists a license from NACCAS (National Accreditation Committee of Cosmetology and Arts and Sciences). These graduates are fully prepared to operate in the salon business.

When training at the American Beauty Academy, the programs are comprehensive and broad for the students. Our professional licensed instructors take the students through rigorous training and evaluation to get the hairdressing certificate. They don't just come out as simple hairdressers but as completely certified cosmetologists.

What You Can Expect From Your Cosmetology School

  • Flexible class schedules
  • Instructors who are highly trained and experienced and can provide training effectively
  • Access to better career placement programs
  • Proper accreditation and acquiring a full cosmetology certification program, including a hairdressing certificate
  • An institution that offers financial aid to learners: scholarships, loans, grants, and provide effective payment plans

When you make up your mind that you need cosmetology as your professional career, you need to know that it deals with people who want to get out there and display their new styles. It requires a person with proper communication skills to help build a customer-client relationship. Therefore, apart from theory and training, we will train you on how to communicate and also help you enhance your creativity and imagination.

As a stylist, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the trending hair techniques and styles. Visit American Beauty Academys campuses in Salt Lake City and Payson, Utah, and get more information.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Our financial advisors are here to help you find financial assistance and help you navigate the whole process of paying for school.