February 23, 2021

How Should I Choose a Beauty School?

There are lots of beauty school choices available to aspiring cosmetologists, and there are significant differences between beauty schools. It can seem a big job just trying to sort through the options, much less actually go deeper to check out each one thoroughly. Below is a simple checklist to help you streamline and simplify the process of choosing a beauty school.

6 Steps for Choosing a Beauty School

Trying to figure out which beauty school is really the best fit for your personal learning style and other needs can be confusing and can involve a lot of duplicated efforts and other unnecessary leg work. Follow these six steps to make sure you get all the information you need and help you make your comparisons for choosing a cosmetology school:

List your priorities for choosing the school you want to attend.

Make a list of the most important features a school should offer for your particular needs. Identify certified beauty schools that offer the greatest number of features on your priority list. Then decide which of your priorities is most essential for you, and which you can trade-off for those. That will leave you with a much shorter list of schools remaining to choose from. Among your priorities, consider:

  • Full-scope cosmetology curriculum
  • Number of students
  • Ratio of the number of teachers to students
  • The level of emphasis on time for student salon experience
  • The school’s reputation for quality education
  • The school’s graduate pass rate at the state board
  • The quality of campus facilities
  • The campus atmosphere generated by staff and students
  • Tuition rates and financial aid options
  • Flexibility for full- and part-time training schedules
  • Campus location (Is the cosmetology school near me?)
  • Any other characteristics you find important in a school

Find the most reputable schools providing a complete cosmetology education.

First, narrow your list of potential school choices down to only those with excellent reputations that provide a full-scope education in cosmetology, vs. a partial program. Even if you most enjoy styling hair, or skincare treatment, or nail treatment, demand a well-rounded, full education from the school you choose. Enter the industry as a fully-qualified cosmetologist, graduating from a fully-accredited cosmetology college. This is the key to multiplying your opportunities for maximum success in any professional role you choose in the field.

Tour the campuses of your top choices of certified beauty schools.

To know what to expect after you become a student, you need to tour the campus of the school you’re most interested in attending. Start by exploring the school’s website, for some foundational information. Then, schedule to meet with an admissions representative for a thorough onsite tour of the facilities.

Touring through the school will give you a real feel for what your experience will be like as a student. You’ll learn what the drive is like coming to the campus, see first-hand what it feels like to be in the classrooms and other facilities, what the atmosphere is like in the student salon, and much more.

Ask all the questions you want to ask.

While you’re touring the campus, ask all the questions you can think of to help you make your choice. Bring a list of questions with you, to help make sure you get all the answers you need to help you decide whether or not the beauty school is right for you. For example, you may want to include these questions on your list:

  • What is the maximum class size?
  • What is the drop-out rate?
  • What are the graduates’ rates of job placement?
  • What fees and other costs are required in addition to tuition?
  • What forms of financial aid are available?

Get a sense of what the experience of learning is like at the school.

Ask about the teachers you will be depending upon to train and guide you through your education. Ask what they’re like. Ask about their backgrounds and length of time teaching at the school. Ask how much one-on-one instruction you can expect to receive, in addition to group training. Assess the school’s fit with your personal learning style.

Get all the details about tuition, fees, financial aid options, and scholarships.

Be sure you are absolutely clear on the total amount of tuition, fees, and any other costs involved throughout the period of your studies at the school. Be clear on your best options for grants, student loans, and/or scholarships. Meet with the financial aid representative, as needed, to help you determine what are the most practical alternatives of those you qualify for.

So You’re Ready to Choose a Beauty School!

Now you’re prepared with all the details you need in order to make a well-informed decision about which beauty school is the very best fit for your personal needs. By this stage of school evaluations, through the above process of elimination, your list has probably been narrowed down to one or two schools remaining to choose from.

You have found those schools that best meet your priorities, fit your schedule, and have the highest student success rates and the best reputations across the industry. Congratulations! You’re ready to select the best cosmetology school for you, and embark on becoming a highly qualified professional with a great new career ahead!

Why Choose American Beauty Academy, Utah?

We are an accredited Cosmetology school with campuses in Salt Lake City and Payson Utah. The academy training features a full-scope cosmetology program with abundant hands-on experience in the vibrant professional setting of our student salon.

American Beauty Academy is one of the most reputable and well-established cosmetology schools in the region, with outstanding graduate success rates. Jus some important advantages in choosing to become an American Beauty Academy (ABA) student:

  • Our small size — We get to know every student and each one’s learning style.
  • Abundant hands-on experience — Our students can practice with many clients per week.
  • Flexible attendance schedule — After freshman class is completed, scheduling is flexible.
  • Top quality student kits — We select tools that last many years into our students’ careers.
  • Unsurpassed licensing success rate — We have a 100% pass rate at the state board.
  • Inspiring environment — Our teachers and students create a warm, friendly atmosphere..
  • Exceptional reputation — Due to our outstanding industry reputation, ABA graduates are highly sought as new stylists.

For information about curriculum or financial aid, or other details, or to schedule a tour of one of the campuses, contact American Beauty Academy, Utah at (801) 406-7831 anytime. Or, request information online for a quick response.

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