If you are looking for a makeup school that will help you achieve your cosmetology dreams, then you need to find an institution that will tailor your curriculum to meet your needs. That is where we can help. At American Beauty Academy, we offer something unique that will help you become the best cosmetologist in the industry. Learn more about our services below!

What We Provide at the American Beauty Academy

At the American Beauty Academy, we are an accredited cosmetology and barber school in Utah. As a makeup school in Utah, we actually have two campuses- Salt Lake Campus & Payson Campus. With some of the leading experts in the field, we can provide you with the education and training you need to elevate your career to new heights. We can train nail technicians, beauticians, aestheticians, and professional cosmetologists. We provide our students with a comprehensive program where you can earn the certifications and licensing you need to become a trained professional.

We even have a student salon where our students can provide actual salon services to the public at affordable rates. This is a great way for us to give back to the community that supports us while also providing our students with the hands-on experience they need to work in a professional salon setting.

Even though there are schools that might teach only makeup or only nails, we believe in a comprehensive approach to cosmetology education. When you enroll in our makeup classes, this is just a part of what you will learn in our cosmetology program. We provide you with the entire package.

Come and visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah, or in Payson, Utah, and experience the difference that sets American Beauty Academy and its makeup artist training courses apart from the others!

Makeup School Curriculum Snapshot

  • Implements, tools and equipment for cosmetology
  • Makeup Basics
  • Face shapes
  • Eye shapes
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes
  • Skin preparation & Base matching
  • Color theory
  • Eyeshadows & Lip application
  • Creative look
  • HD makeup
  • Creative makeup application

Student School Tools List

Our Makeup Kits have quality tools to last far into a student's professional career. The following is a list of tools* in the American Beauty Academy student kit.

*Items subject to change or substitution

  • Miladys Mindtap
  • Case
  • G2 styling iron
  • Rocket dryer
  • Male mannequin
  • Female mannequin
  • Small nylon bristle brush
  • Med nylon bristle brush
  • Large nylon bristle brush
  • XL nylon bristle brush
  • 9-row styling brush
  • Backcomb brush
  • Small paddle brush
  • Large paddle brush
  • Large cutting comb
  • Cutting comb
  • Dual taper cutting comb
  • Fine tooth cutting comb
  • Wide tooth cutting comb
  • Xlong cutting comb
  • Large tooth rake comb
  • Medium-tooth tail comb

  • Water mister
  • Mirror
  • Andis Ultra Blade 1.5
  • Andis Ultra Blade 2
  • Andis Ultra Blade 3.5
  • Collar Clips (2)
  • Andis Excel 2-speed Clipper
  • Dorco Prime 100-pk
  • Cape
  • Andis Masters
  • Andis t-outliner
  • Neck Duster
  • Derby Blades
  • Andis Magnetic Guards
  • Magic Straight Razor
  • Double Edge Razor
  • Monsr Charles Razor with Blades
  • Clipper Combs (3)
  • Clippercare
  • Hair pick
  • Styptic
  • Shear Kit

Why Enroll in Professional Makeup Schools?

If you would like to turn your passion for cosmetology into a successful career, then you need to have the right certifications and licensure from the National Accreditation Committee of Cosmetology and Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). At the American Beauty Academy, our programs will help you get there. Our broad, rigorous, and comprehensive programs are run by licensed instructors who will make sure that you can earn your certifications. We train professional cosmetologists.

Why Choose the American Beauty Academy Professional Makeup Schools?

Some of the reasons why our students have chosen our makeup artist school include:

  • Class Sizes: We are a smaller institution which means that our instructors get to know their students, their styles, and their needs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You have the ability to tailor your schedule to meet your individual needs.
  • Student Kits: We provide you with the high-quality tools you need to excel in your training.
  • Comprehensive Education: We provide all of our students with comprehensive educational curricula from some of the leading instructors in the field. This is reflected in our board pass rate of 100 percent and the ease with which our students find jobs.

If you want to become a professional cosmetologist, then count on us to help you make your dreams come true. Contact us today to learn more about our makeup artist training courses!

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Our financial advisors are here to help you find financial assistance and help you navigate the whole process of paying for school.