June 10, 2020

Men’s Taper Haircuts for 2020: 5 Good Choices

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What in the world is a men’s taper haircut? Well, if you’re familiar with pop music from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the U.K. band, The Smiths, then you’ll instantly recognize on many of the albums Morrissey’s classic clipper cut sides with a pompadour slicked top. The beauty of the taper haircut is that it has very usable flexibility, being both popular in fashionable circles as well as stuffy corporate suit environments as well. So, you can drone on in the board conference room by day, and fit in just fine at your band’s pub crawl that night without looking out of place.

The Classic Taper Haircut

This hair salon approach provides a tapered look from long on the top to short on the sides to very short and clear delineation cut to the bare skin at the bottom of the sides and back. The Classic is the mildest of all the taper haircuts and easiest to apply. Its unique look shows a distinct hair border edge on the sides and back cleaned up with a straight razor for a bare skin look where the hair ends. The Classic Taper provides a taper fade long hair solution on the top for styling.

The Taper Face With a Short Crop

This version of the medium taper is probably the most basic and straightforward of the bunch. If you want a simple haircut that is easy to maintain, meets the “short hair” requirement, and could work for both the military, the office, and all-around football team or boxer look, then this is the haircut for you. The short crop style practically makes it easy to walk out of the short, throw a shirt and trousers on, and walk out the door without even doing anything else (okay, you should probably brush your teeth at least).

The Taper Fade Plus the Pompadour

As mentioned above, this style was a favorite during the 80s and 90s with the revival of the rockabilly look. Again, sides and back are faded to almost bare skin but the top has a bit of length cut in a squarish look and plenty of hair to style, come and wave up and back. If you’re looking for a style to wear with a slow ride on a café racer and a studded black leather motorcycle jacket, this taper is the one to have among men haircuts. Hey, even Johnny Cash sported a Taper Face & Pompadour for years in his early career on stage.

The Taper Face With a Side Swept Look

This one is for the guy who wants the pompadour length but doesn’t want to deal with all the hair mouse and fuss to hold it in place. Instead, the hair is natural, loose, and brushed to the side. Because the top is longer than the sides and back, it stands out but overall one could get away with still wearing a suit and tie with this haircut and not raising eyebrows with a low taper haircut.

The Taper with Short Braids

For those with tight hair in small dreads, this Taper is ideal. It allows a modern, fashionable look on the top but keeps the sides and back cut short for a more conservative appearance, easily allowing the wearer to blend between different social circles. With a taper fade curly hair keep the hair oil natural and enough to moisturize but no more or the whole setup will look cheap and greasy instead.

If you’re looking for a versatile men’s haircut that gives you maturity in professional circles but still blends well at the pub or the dance hall at night, then the Taper haircut is probably a good bet. No surprise the 20-somethings love the taper haircut men choice, usually because they are still moving in multiple social settings before settling down.

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