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Instructor Spotlight: Daniella

The American Beauty Academy instructor spotlight for May 2021 is Daniella, one of our amazing cosmetology instructors.

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6 Hot Careers You're Qualified for as a Licensed Cosmetologist

Getting an education in your desired career field qualifies you for exciting jobs and puts you in an environment where those opportunities can be expected to present themselves.

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5 Things Top Cosmetology Schools Have In Common

The best accredited cosmetology schools tend to have certain characteristics in common. Below is a list of some of the key qualities to look for in a top beauty school, to help you choose the best cosmetology program in your area. Being prepared with this information can help make it much easier to identify the schools in your area that offer the highest levels of quality of cosmetology training and student support in their educational environments.

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What are the Age Requirements for Cosmetology School?

Students of all ages enjoy cosmetology school and go on to successful careers in the industry. In most states, you must be at least 16 years of age in order to meet admission requirements for cosmetology school. Young students, people looking to change careers in mid-life, and even those looking for a new challenge after retirement do very well in cosmetology school.

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How Should I Choose a Beauty School?

There are lots of beauty school choices available to aspiring cosmetologists, and there are significant differences between beauty schools. It can seem a big job just trying to sort through the options, much less actually go deeper to check out each one thoroughly. Below is a simple checklist to help you streamline and simplify the process of choosing a beauty school.

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11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cosmetology School

Congratulations! You’re embarking on your future in a great new career of creative expression and helping people be their best selves. Getting started in a top cosmetology school and barber school is a very exciting time. You’re ready to absorb all the learning you can, build skills, graduate, and become a top-quality cosmetologist.

Here are some tips to help you make the very most of your learning opportunities and your overall experience at an accredited cosmetology school:

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Start a New Career in 2021 with Barber College

Are You Searching for the Best Barber School in Utah?

One of the most stable, in-demand careers is working as a barber. No matter what goes on with the economy, people always need their hair cut or styled. The key is finding an affordable barber school that meets all your needs.

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How To Get Your Professional Cosmetology License in Utah

How To Get Your Professional Cosmetology License in Utah

Submitting an application to American Beauty Academy is your first step toward earning your professional cosmetology license. Once your application is accepted, your journey to becoming a licensed beauty professional in Utah is underway!

Cosmetology License Requirements

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10 Most Common Beauty School Myths

10 Most Common Beauty School Myths

Having a successful career as a cosmetologist often means going to beauty school. Unfortunately, there are certain misconceptions that might stop you from looking for the best cosmetology school to build your career. The following are some of the most common beauty school myths.

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Top Women’s Haircut Trends to Pay Attention to Now

Top Women’s Haircut Trends to Pay Attention to Now
Want to spice things up with a new look this season? Our staff at our American Beauty Academy Salt Lake campus is ready to help you choose a fun new hairdo that really represents your personal style. From short styles to long locks, we’re here to make it happen. Here are a few of the top trends in women’s hair to pay attention to right now.

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