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Top 6 Reasons to Start Cosmetology School at American Beauty Academy

There are many good reasons people pursue cosmetology careers. The beauty field is ideal for creative people. The professional skill set of a cosmetologist is always in high demand. It pays well and offers flexible work schedules. Beauty salons offer great jobs for meeting new people.

The list of benefits of a career in cosmetology goes on and on. So, if you have a creative flair, love the idea of a career in the beauty industry, and are a people person, cosmetology school could be the right fit for you! Here are the top 6 reasons to start cosmetology college:

Enjoy a career expressing your creative talents.

Attending beauty school frees you to use your creative talents and develop them into skills that are in high demand. If you love helping others, you will probably find it very rewarding to help people look and feel their best. Working around other creative people with a similar passion for the beauty field can also be very satisfying.

If you are inclined to innovate and you love a social environment, graduating from American Beauty Academy can open up a wide world of amazing career opportunities to you! For just a few examples of cosmetology jobs:

  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Esthetician
  • Nail Technician
  • Salon Manager or Owner

You’ll receive top-quality training to build valuable skills.

Beauty college is distinct from a traditional four-year college in several appealing ways. In most post-secondary educational institutions, a lot of your time in the first three years is spent on general courses. But, though a cosmetology program also starts in the classroom, you start immediately in specialized skill-building.

You’ll get an abundance of hands-on practice in our student salon.

After sufficient classroom preparation, you will be able to begin practicing your newly developing skills in the real-life setting of our state-of-the-art student salon. This hands-on experience gives you the enormous advantage of abundant practice before you graduate. You can build your cosmetology skills, learn guest services, and acquire salon management skills.

Enjoy convenient flexible course scheduling.

After your freshman-level coursework, you can choose your hours and days for completing the remainder of your credit hours. This flexible scheduling enables students to complete cosmetology school at their own pace. It also allows you to fit your schoolwork into your current daily and weekly job and family routine. This way, you balance your education with your job and family responsibilities.

For full-time students, it typically takes around 11 months to finish the cosmetology program, and for part-time students, the extended program usually takes about 14 months.

Take your state licensing exam fully prepared.

Having an exceptional education from one of the industry’s best cosmetology schools will give you the confidence in your new skills that will help you be optimally prepared for your licensing exam. In Utah, 1600 educational hours are required to be eligible for cosmetology licensing. The American Beauty Academy program meets that requirement and provides comprehensive professional training.

Your Academy instructors will work with you to help you prepare for your exam. With the abundance of quality preparation, you will be entirely ready to achieve your full academic and professional potential.

Learn powerful business and social media skills.

Developing business skills are important to help prepare you for professional success. Many licensed cosmetologists are self-employed. The American Beauty Academy curriculum features business management and social media strategy training along with your cosmetology courses. Our students graduate with the thorough professional training needed to maximize their income potential, including running your own salon if that’s your goal!

Are you ready to start building a career you love?

Are you ready to start cosmetology school? (Take our little quiz) If so, you will love the academic atmosphere that American Beauty Academy creates for our students. These are just some of the key educational practices that make American Beauty Academy a top cosmetology school:

  • The course curriculum is exciting.
  • The learning environment is fun and friendly.
  • Students and instructors work together closely.
  • Students receive an abundance of hands-on professional-level practice with real customers in our student salon.
  • Our flexible, thorough, interactive academic program provides each student with a top cosmetology school education.

Make Your Dream a Reality at American Beauty Academy!

We are an accredited cosmetology school with two campuses in Utah — Salt Lake City and Payson, UT. In our student salon, the public can get salon services at very affordable rates, and our beauty school students obtain plenty of practice in a professional salon setting. See the selection of financial resources for cosmetology students.

To start realizing your dream of a career in the beauty industry, call American Beauty Academy, Salt Lake City & Payson, Utah at (801) 406-7831 to schedule a time to meet with an admissions advisor.

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